Events held by Sc Bazar Production Srl are subject to rules and conditions. See below for a full overview of the company rules.

Sc Bazar Production Srl reserves the right to refuse a person entry to the event at all times.

Sc Bazar Production Srl reserves the right to amend the events policy at any time.

Sc Bazar Production Srl reserves the right to make recordings on location at the event using both image and sound carriers. These recordings may be used by the organisation without any form  of remuneration (in the form of money or otherwise) being payable to the visitors in question.

The minimum age for our shows is 18 years. If a visitor’s age is in doubt, proof of ID may be requested. If you are aged under 18 or unable to produce any identification, you may be refused entry.

Visitors’ own food and drinks, bottles, cans, alcohol, glassware or flammable materials are prohibited at the venue and may not be brought inside. Umbrellas are also prohibited and in case of rainy wather we recommend the poncho.

Visitors to the event must agree to being searched at the entrance, if requested.

Sc Bazar Production Srl practice Zero Tolerance policy. Drugs are prohibited. This applies both to the consumption and sale of drugs.

Weapons are strictly prohibited. Be sensible, and leave all objects at home that could be regarded as weapons. Objects that could be used as weapons will be confiscated.

Visitors will be thoroughly searched at the entrance,  and persons found to be in possession of drugs will be immediately handed over to the police.

It is prohibited to conduct commercial activities at or around the venue.

Visitors attend the event entirely at their own risk.

Smoking is only allowed in the special smoking area!

Sc Bazar Production Srl is not liable for loss or damages either to visitors’ property or physical condition.

The areas in and around the venue will be strictly monitored for disturbances. Persons who commit misconduct in any manner whatsoever shall be removed from the venue immediately.

Bringing professional or semi-professional photographic equipment to events is prohibited, unless agreed upon otherwise by means of an assigned press accreditation. Normal digital or other cameras, however, are permitted.

Sc Bazar Production Srl is not liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from inaccuracies in, or problems caused by or inherent to, the spread of information via internet, or technical malfunctions.

By entering this event, you automatically agree to follow our rules and our payment agreements.